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[DJ TIP] My streaming set-up for Twitch and Mixcloud sets! 

I've been streaming my DJ sets for almost 3 years now.  In this video I share my advice on how to set up an advanced streaming set-up and even a basic setup so you can get streaming ASAP!

Some of the gear in the video!

  • Universal Audio Apollo x6 (audio interface)
  • GoPro Heroes 7 & 9 
  • Blackmagic ATEM Mini camera switcher (game changer!)
  • LumeCube LED GO Light
  • Monfrotto Tripod (my favorite for traveling and pop-up streaming mixes)

Check out the video!  Thank you :D


Why I switched from BPM Supreme to ZIP DJ for my DJ music service [and would recommend other DJ's should too] ZIP DJ Initial Review 

I had a BPM Supreme DJ music subscription from 2015 through the beginning of 2023 and here's why I switched:

  • I could NOT find most of the music that I enjoyed from DI.FM Radio
  • No Latin music unless subscribing to the additional service (wtf)
  • The new UI that came out in 2022 is not very user friendly

I saw an ad on Facebook (got me! lol) for ZIP DJ service and noticed a DJ colleague had provided a review mentioning how awesome their service is.. so I got interested.

And then I noticed how they were tailored to the electronic music DJ (you know me, house music lover!), so I was definitely interested.

When I'm wanting to find new music for my Laced Radio podcast, I'll buy the tracks on Beatport and/or get them from a DJ subscription service (previously used BPM Supreme).

I cancelled my BPM Supreme and dove in to ZIP DJ! (Got accepted within a day :D)

So far, I am very impressed.  I searched from some of my followed artists on DI.FM and was able to find them!  It's also very cool that I can see the Artist, Track, AND record label.

In summary:  I would absolutely recommend ZIP DJ subscription service to my fellow DJ's, ESPECIALLY if you're in to electronic music (and already have your 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s hits in your library.

Looking forward to showcasing some of my favorite tracks in the next Laced Radio podcast episode!  Let's GO!

Denon DJ does it again? Engine 3.0 update is pretty amazing [REVIEW & Update walk-though] 

I entered the Denon DJ ecosystem back in 2020 and it's been a great journey as a DJ since then.

Denon DJ comes through with another awesome software update, providing DJ's with more tools to enhance our mixes and sets. I've said it before and will repeat myself here… 

Denon DJ is on their way to being a top brand for DJs.  Lookout Pioneer DJ!  

This video will cover an overview of the updates and I will install the Engine DJ 3.0 (desktop) and Engine OS 3.0 on my Prime GO and Prime 4 standalone DJ systems

Denon DJ never ceases to disappoint with their software updates providing us DJ's tools like Samplers, wifi (or hardwire) connection to access Engine DJ (desktop), and some other key features. Do you think Denon DJ hooked us up with this update?  Check out the video and let me know your thoughts in the comments on YouTube.




PSA: DJ's and showering 

I don't know what it is but the majority of the time that I step in to a DJ booth, it smells like an ashtray, swamp ass, body odor, and mustyness.  It's like DJ's wanna be this 'organic' artist.  Now, I'm not saying ALL DJ's are like this.  I can't speak for anyone else, but I definitely take the time to shower before all of my gigs.  I have some DJ friends who also take care of themselves. 

BUT man... I just never know what to expect some times during DJ jam sessions at dive bars.  Anyway, I wanted to share something AKA some awesome soap with my fellow DJs in hopes it helps them out.

There's a company called Tactical Soap that sells pheromone infused soap.  The pheromones are a bonus of this soap, in my opinion.  I like that the soap makes me feel clean, doesn't have an over powerful scent, and one bar lasts quite a while.

I really hope that my fellow DJs find this information helpful.  The ONLY funk that should exist in the booth are the beats!

How I set my music cue points: 3 step system 






I've been DJing for 14 years and I definitely think it's one of the coolest careers out there.  My style and technique has been revolutionary for sure.  I started on vinyl records, then quickly transitioned to CDs, and finally moved on to the laptop DJ style (Serato DJ).

It took a while but I finally figured out an easy way to prepare music for DJ sets and mixes, and after honing it down... I wanted to share it with you! 

This one goes out to all my DJs (beginners and pros) and if you're a curious music fan... this is also for you!

Watch the full setting DJ Cue Point tutorial on YouTube HERE

Blockchain Websites and NFTs.... Am I There?! [YES!] 

Big plans coming up for the following blockchain sites... I am really excited about this!



Pumped to see how these develop in the future.  PS - drove by a highway 888 yesterday... coincidence?  LOL

I'm really excited for the future when it comes to artist and the digital environment.

Mackie Thump GO: Best portable speaker for mobile DJs? [REVIEW] 

Let's talk about Mackie Thump Go - which might be the BEST portable speaker for DJs, house parties, tailgating, picnics, pool parties, Sunday Funday, etc....

I purchased this speaker a few weeks ago when I was booked to DJ a wedding that required a sound source in an additional room for cocktail & dinner hour.

Let me tell you, I was seriously impressed with this speaker.  Prior to buying it I was conducting research and determined I had to check it out at Guitar Center.  Fortunately for me, when I got there the staff had a Mackie Thump Go all set up to test out at the counter.  Took 30 seconds for me to make my decision.


  • Light weight (under 20 lbs)
  • Option to have stereo input (via AUX or 2x inputs)
  • Music ducking option with mic plugged in
  • Different output sounds settings
    • Highly recommend speech for speeches!
  • Has the typical Mackie type sound:  aggressive and offers some bass


  • Pricey (might be worth it if there's usability at gigs (don't let it sit in storage!)
  • Need a carry bag (can't find one yet)


Overall review:  I would definitely recommend this for DJs who have steady gig.  If mobile gigs don't require additional speakers for spare rooms, you could definitely have this speaker on hand for club gigs because I think this also works well as a monitor speaker.  You can plug in an RCA to Stereo cable and plug it in the AUX input for use as a monitor. 

What are your thoughts on this device?  Is this something you could use for house parties?  Let me know!

Making Goals and Living Your Dreams! [Music, DJ, good Vibes] 

On April 19th I'm super excited to get involved with a program that's going to help me grow in my music career.  Can't wait to begin that experience.

I'm currently on vacation with my family.  Still making music while at the beach, working on dj sets with my Denon DJ Prime Go (as you know... is one of my favorite music gear to travel with!), and forecasting more marketing plans. 

I've got a lot of music to present but I want to go about a different way.  Patience is important for artists.  I appreciate all of your support.  Stay tuned!


[HOUSE, TECH HOUSE] Took a week off - but we're back for Laced Radio #59 

I missed a mix last week because my parents are visiting and I wanted to spend time with them without any distractions.  I love music but balancing family is so important.  So we're back this week with a FULL mix of awesome Tech House tracks!

Please LIKE & SUBSCRIBE... I appreciate all of you for supporting Laced Radio :D

Track of the Week: 

Touch Me - Eli Brown & Mason Maynard

1. John 'Julius' Knight & Roland Clark-This Is House (Marco Lys Remix) 
2. Flo Rida ft T-Pain vs Milk Bar-Low (Muzik Junkies Mashup) 
3. Ty Dolla Sign ft Kanye West, FKA twigs & Skrillex-Ego Death (MKJAY & Daft Hill Remix) 
4. Glass Petals-No Words (Clean Extended) 
5. Heider-Oh Babe (Clean Extended) 
6. Dario Nunez-Is Like (Clean Extended) 
7. Martin Ikin-Good Feelings 
8. Felix Jaehn ft Nea & Bryn Christopher-No Therapy (Black V Neck Remix) 
9. Gene Farris-Popular (Clean Extended) 
10. Eli Brown & Mason Maynard-Touch Me (Clean Extended) 
11. Max Styler-Something Beautiful 
12. R.E.M. vs Diplo-Losing My Religion (Kerry Glass 'Hold You Tight' Bootleg) 
13. DLMT-Elevate (Clean Extended) 
14. Steve Aoki & MT11-Da Homies 
15. Kid Cudi-Day 'N' Nite (Swartchback Bootleg)


[House, Tech House] Birthday week Laced Radio episode 58 - Track of the week by JAUZ! 

What a great Birthday week!  I'm not even mad that for the second year in a row Texas gets blasted by a winter storm right after my birthday.  It's honestly, nostalgic af!  Anyway, this week's mix is awesome... energetic house tunes to keep anybody warm right now.


Track of the week:  JAUZ - Movin'

1. YOKAI-Drugs (Clean Extended)  
2. Truth & Lies-The Drip (Clean Extended)  
3..Mat.Joe-The Deal (Clean Extended)  
4. Belters Only & Jazzy-Make Me Feel Good (VIP Mix) (Clean Short Edit)  
5. Nutty-Baby (Clean Extended)  
6. Swingers & Maximo ft Cash Hays-Afraid (FOOTWURK Remix) (Clean Extended)  
7. Max Styler ft Jimmy Nevis-Back To Me (Saffron Stone Remix) (Clean Extended)  
8. Jethro Heston & Max Marshall-Cut Me Loose (Mauro Venti Remix) (Clean Extended)  
9. AVAA & Tom Classic-Need Me (Clean Extended)  
10. JAUZ-Movin (Clean Extended)  
11. Boris Roodbwoy-Tenderlove (Clean Extended)  
12. Piero Pirupa-Braindead (Heroin Kills) (Riton Remix) (Dirty Extended)  
13. Vito V & Tobeck-Victory (Clean Extended)  
14. DONT BLINK-CONNECTION (Clean Extended)  
15. Rihanna vs DJs From Mars-Diamonds (Cesar Castilla Bootleg) (Clean Extended)

[Tech House, House] New laced radio #57 is loaded with good vibes and awesome beats! 

This week's Laced Radio episode #57 has some great tech house tracks worth listening to, maybe more than once!

Track of the Week:  Airball - Darn It (Joey Avila Remix)

Track list:

1. Gruuve-Cloud (Clean Extended) 
2. Relativ (NL)-My Love (Clean Extended) 
3. Santeli & CATSINKA-Space (Clean Extended) 
4. Malaa-We Get Crunk (Keeld Remix) (Clean Extended) 
5. Late Replies-Hold Up (Clean Extended) 
6. Mescal Kids-Higher (Clean Extended) 
7. Joanna Magik-Everyday You (Clean Extended) 
8. Chapter & Verse-Free Your Mind (Clean Extended) 
9. Da Hool-Meet Her At The Love Parade (Al-Fernandez Edit) (Clean Extended) 
10. Airball-Darn It (Joey Avila Remix) (Clean Extended) 
11. Prince Fox-Rock Paper Scissors (Jolyon Petch Remix) (Clean Extended) 
12. Block & Crown, Martina BuddeDon't Go (Clean Extended) 
13. Tom Budin-Push It Real Good (Clean Extended) 
14. Mr.MoudZ-Trumpet (Clean Extended) 
15. Sted-E & Hybrid Heights, Xotto-What I Say (Clean Extended)

[House, Tech House, Indie Music] Laced Radio Episode #56 is coming correct! 

Laced Radio 56 features some really dope remixes and original tracks.  I shared one of my recent remix competition submissions in this mix because the artist doesn't allow remixers to share the competition on social media (silly, I know!)  We've talked about that before... the DJ has so much impact on music and how it's shared to new listeners.  Anyway, we're not getting on that soap box today!

Track of the week:  Dua Lipa - Love Again (Sam Collins & Rokston Remix)

Featured track:  VASSY X Vinny Vibe - Don't Wanna Be Right (DJ Unprotected Remix)

Track list:

1. Funk D & Waldo-A Night In Tulum (Clean Extended)  
2. Crystal Waters-Gypsy Woman (Victor Polo Edit) (Clean Extended)  
3. Selena Gomez-Good For You (Kue Remix) (Clean) (Extended)  
4. 1WayTKT ft Netousha Monroe-Insanity (Clean) (Extended)  
5. VASSY x Vinny Vibe-Don't Wanna Be Right (DJ Unprotected Remix)  
6. Purple Disco Machine & Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue-Money Money (The Cube Guys Remix) (Clean Extended)  
7. Navos-Believe Me (Ben Rainey Remix) (Clean Extended)  
8. Illyus & Barrientos-Scream (Clean Extended)  
9. Panic City & CLB-Get Higher (Clean) (Short Edit)  
10. Sweetpower-Happy Days (Clean Extended)  
11. Rick James-Super Freak (No Thanks Remix) (Clean Extended)  
12. Dua Lipa-Love Again (Sam Collins & Rokston Remix) (Dirty Extended)  
13. Billie Eilish vs Qubiko-bad guy (R-You Bootleg) (Clean Extended)  
14. The Killers-Somebody Told Me (Kide Edit) (Clean Extended)  
15.Fun. ft Janelle Monae-We Are Young (Cesar Castilla Tech House Bootleg) (Clean Extended)  
16. Funk D & Waldo-A Night In Tulum (Clean Extended)  
17. Crystal Waters-Gypsy Woman (Victor Polo Edit) (Clean Extended)

[House, Tech House, Indie Music] Laced Radio Episode #55 is out now!  

So many great house tracks in the mix.  Filled with lots of vocal tracks and groovy beats.  Also, if you stick around to the end of the mix... I have an unreleased track for you called "Want U".  Let me know if you dig it or not!  Do ya want it :D

Track of the week:  Greg Gelis & Aexcit - See You Work


1.Plaster Hands-Gipsy (Clean Extended)  
2. Micheal Calfan & Martin Solveig-No Lie (KREAM Remix) (Clean Extended)  
3. Kanye West-Love Lockdown (Dor Halevi & MRGN MAAR VIP Remix) (Clean Extended)  
4. Mike Epsse & Oxxid-Fallin' (Clean Extended)  
5. THOJ ft OTTA-Heartbeat (Clean Extended)  
6. Kramder-London 95 (Clean Extended)  
7. Chris Lake & Armand Van Helden ft Arthur Baker & Victor Simonelli-The Answer (Clean Extended)  
8. A-Trak & Loods-What Can I Do (Clean Extended)  
9. Fisher-Freaks (Clean Extended)  
10. Kricked & Andre Salmon ft ft Cami Jones-New Favorite Label (Clean Extended)  
11. Rob Marion-Body Drop (Clean Extended)  
12. TOKiMONSTA ft VanJess-Come & Go (Dombresky Remix) (Clean Extended)  
13. Siege ft Chuck Roberts-Haus (Clean Extended)  
14. Greg Gelis & Aexcit-See You Work (Clean) (Extended)  
15. Sheezan-Sun Comes Up (Thomas Gold Remix) (Clean Extended)  
16. DJ Unprotected-Want U (unreleased)