DJ Unprotected Laced Radio #62  

1. Rihanna vs Hawk & Mixmash Deep-Rude Boy (Sir Gio VIP Edit) 
2. Timbaland ft Justin Timberlake & Nelly Furtado vs FOVOS-Give It To Me (R-You Bootleg) 
3. AGLF-Sexy303 
4. Fedde Le Grand-Shake That Ass 
5. Martin Ikin-Good Feelings 
6. Bingo Players-Rattle (TxL Bootleg) 
7. James Brown-Sex Machine (Xero & Josh Hunter Remix) 
8. The Weeknd-Sacrifice (John Summit Remix) 
9. Jaded ft Ali Story-Dance Much 
10. Golf Clap ft owie-No Numbers 
11. Kanye West ft Lupe Fiasco vs Da Hool, Joel Corry-Touch The Sky (R-You Bootleg) 
13 WILL K & Neville-I Don't Really Care 
14. twocolors & Pascal Letoublon-Break Up 
15. Ailow-How I Do It 
16. DISTO-Crush The Party 
17. Jon Warg-Pills & Chill

DJ Unprotected Laced Radio #61  

1. AU-1-Soho (Clean Extended)  
2. Chemical Surf-Such A Fool (Clean Extended)  
3. James Hype-Ferrari (Clean Extended)  
4. Ludacris & Biscits-Stand Up Locco (Sir Gio VIP Edit) (Clean Extended)  
5. CHESSER-WORK (Clean Extended)  
6. Wongo & Tony Romera-Funky & Chunky (Clean Extended)  
7. Madonna & Clear Six, James Hype-Like A Prayer (Jean Philippe Edit) (Clean Extended)  
8. New Jersey Hustlers ft Wendy Jane Satchell-Love In The City (Radio Edit)  
9. Luke Davidson, Phineo & Mad Brother-303 (Clean Extended)  
10. MadBlind-Make Me Freak (Clean Extended)  
11. Green Tree-Puppet On A String (Clean Extended)  
12. Kungs-Lullaby (Clean Extended)  
13. D-Tek-So Fire (Clean Extended)  
14. James Brown-Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (Harry Tremlett Remix) (Clean Extended)  
15. Two Tails & Casmalia-Alive (Clean Extended)  
16. Sampson.-Cutty (Clean Extended)  
17. Romaan-It's All Right (Clean Extended)  
18. J Rythm, Jenn Morel, Gian Varela, Boro Boro & dEVOLVE-Cheke (dEVOLVE Remix) (Clean Extended)  
19. AU-1Soho (Clean Extended)  
20. Chemical Surf-Such A Fool (Clean Extended)

DJ Unprotected Laced Radio #60  

1. Davi-Kayser Soze (Clean) (Short Edit) 
2. Kanye West vs Future Class-Stronger (Cesar Castilla Bootleg) (Clean Extended) 
3. Art Of Tones-Gimme Some More (Clean Extended) 
4. GW Harrison-When House Takes A Journey (Clean) (Short Edit) 
5. DS3ETT & Serena Ryder-Killing The Pain (TETSU Remix) (Clean Extended) 
6. Adam Wolt-Two (Vastra Unionen Remix) 
7. Belters Only & Jazzy-Make Me Feel Good (James Hype Remix) (Clean Extended) 
8. Heider-Bass (Clean Extended) 
9. Kane Lane & Bronte-Nowhere To Go (Clean Extended) 
10. Duke Dumont-Therapy (Clean Extended) 
11. Amii Watson-Pink Skies (Clean Extended) 
12. Vice-Bump Bump Bump (Clean Extended) 
13. Glass Petals-Nightcap (Clean Extended) 
14. Dot N Life & Diverse Bind-This Is House (Clean Extended) 
15. Groove Delight & Ilicris-Dark Place 
16. Scott Diaz-Set The Tone (Vanilla Ace Remix) (Extended) 
17. 4RUNNR-Tears (DJ Unprotected Remix)

DJ Unprotected Laced Radio #59  

1. John 'Julius' Knight & Roland Clark-This Is House (Marco Lys Remix) (Clean Extended) 
2. Flo Rida ft T-Pain vs Milk Bar-Low (Muzik Junkies Mashup) (Clean Extended) 
3. Ty Dolla Sign ft Kanye West, FKA twigs & Skrillex-Ego Death (MKJAY & Daft Hill Remix) (Clean Extended) 
4. Glass Petals-No Words (Clean Extended) 
5. Heider-Oh Babe (Clean Extended) 
6. Dario Nunez-Is Like (Clean Extended) 
7. Martin Ikin-Good Feelings (Clean Short Edit) 
8. Felix Jaehn ft Nea & Bryn Christopher-No Therapy (Black V Neck Remix) (Clean Extended) 
9. Gene Farris-Popular (Clean Extended) 
10. Eli Brown & Mason Maynard-Touch Me (Clean Extended) 
11. Max Styler-Something Beautiful (Clean Extended) 
12. R.E.M. vs Diplo-Losing My Religion (Kerry Glass 'Hold You Tight' Bootleg) (Clean Short Edit) 
13. DLMT-Elevate (Clean Extended) 
14. Steve Aoki & MT11-Da Homies (Clean Extended) 
15. Kid Cudi-Day 'N' Nite (Swartchback Bootleg) (Clean Extended)

DJ Unprotected Laced Radio #58  

1. YOKAI-Drugs (Clean Extended) 
2. Truth & Lies-The Drip (Clean Extended) 
3..Mat.Joe-The Deal (Clean Extended) 
4. Belters Only & Jazzy-Make Me Feel Good (VIP Mix) (Clean Short Edit) 
5. Nutty-Baby (Clean Extended) 
6. Swingers & Maximo ft Cash Hays-Afraid (FOOTWURK Remix) (Clean Extended) 
7. Max Styler ft Jimmy Nevis-Back To Me (Saffron Stone Remix) (Clean Extended) 
8. Jethro Heston & Max Marshall-Cut Me Loose (Mauro Venti Remix) (Clean Extended) 
9. AVAA & Tom Classic-Need Me (Clean Extended) 
10. JAUZ-Movin (Clean Extended) 
11. Boris Roodbwoy-Tenderlove (Clean Extended) 
12. Piero Pirupa-Braindead (Heroin Kills) (Riton Remix) (Dirty Extended) 
13. Vito V & Tobeck-Victory (Clean Extended) 
14. DONT BLINK-CONNECTION (Clean Extended) 
15. Rihanna vs DJs From Mars-Diamonds (Cesar Castilla Bootleg) (Clean Extended)

DJ Unprotected Laced Radio #57  

1. Gruuve-Cloud (Clean Extended) 
2. Relativ (NL)-My Love (Clean Extended) 
3. Santeli & CATSINKA-Space (Clean Extended) 
4. Malaa-We Get Crunk (Keeld Remix) (Clean Extended) 
5. Late Replies-Hold Up (Clean Extended) 
6. Mescal Kids-Higher (Clean Extended) 
7. Joanna Magik-Everyday You (Clean Extended) 
8. Chapter & Verse-Free Your Mind (Clean Extended) 
9. Da Hool-Meet Her At The Love Parade (Al-Fernandez Edit) (Clean Extended) 
10. Airball-Darn It (Joey Avila Remix) (Clean Extended) 
11. Prince Fox-Rock Paper Scissors (Jolyon Petch Remix) (Clean Extended) 
12. Block & Crown, Martina Budde-Don't Go (Clean Extended) 
13. Tom Budin-Push It Real Good (Clean Extended) 
14. Mr.MoudZ-Trumpet (Clean Extended) 
15. Sted-E & Hybrid Heights, Xotto-What I Say (Clean Extended)

DJ Unprotected Laced Radio #56  

1. Funk D & Waldo-A Night In Tulum (Clean Extended) 
2. Crystal Waters-Gypsy Woman (Victor Polo Edit) (Clean Extended) 
3. Selena Gomez-Good For You (Kue Remix) (Clean) (Extended) 
4. 1WayTKT ft Netousha Monroe-Insanity (Clean) (Extended) 
5. VASSY x Vinny Vibe-Don't Wanna Be Right (DJ Unprotected Remix) 
6. Purple Disco Machine & Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue-Money Money (The Cube Guys Remix) (Clean Extended) 
7. Navos-Believe Me (Ben Rainey Remix) (Clean Extended) 
8. Illyus & Barrientos-Scream (Clean Extended) 
9. Panic City & CLB-Get Higher (Clean) (Short Edit) 
10. Sweetpower-Happy Days (Clean Extended) 
11. Rick James-Super Freak (No Thanks Remix) (Clean Extended) 
12. Dua Lipa-Love Again (Sam Collins & Rokston Remix) (Dirty Extended) 
13. Billie Eilish vs Qubiko-bad guy (R-You Bootleg) (Clean Extended) 
14. The Killers-Somebody Told Me (Kide Edit) (Clean Extended) 
15.Fun. ft Janelle Monae-We Are Young (Cesar Castilla Tech House Bootleg) (Clean Extended) 
16. Funk D & Waldo-A Night In Tulum (Clean Extended) 
17. Crystal Waters-Gypsy Woman (Victor Polo Edit) (Clean Extended)

DJ Unprotected Laced Radio #55  

1.Plaster Hands-Gipsy (Clean Extended) 
2. Micheal Calfan & Martin Solveig-No Lie (KREAM Remix) (Clean Extended) 
3. Kanye West-Love Lockdown (Dor Halevi & MRGN MAAR VIP Remix) (Clean Extended) 
4. Mike Epsse & Oxxid-Fallin' (Clean Extended) 
5. THOJ ft OTTA-Heartbeat (Clean Extended) 
6. Kramder-London 95 (Clean Extended) 
7. Chris Lake & Armand Van Helden ft Arthur Baker & Victor Simonelli-The Answer (Clean Extended) 
8. A-Trak & Loods-What Can I Do (Clean Extended) 
9. Fisher-Freaks (Clean Extended) 
10. Kricked & Andre Salmon ft ft Cami Jones-New Favorite Label (Clean Extended) 
11. Rob Marion-Body Drop (Clean Extended) 
12. TOKiMONSTA ft VanJess-Come & Go (Dombresky Remix) (Clean Extended) 
13. Siege ft Chuck Roberts-Haus (Clean Extended) 
14. Greg Gelis & Aexcit-See You Work (Clean) (Extended) 
15. Sheezan-Sun Comes Up (Thomas Gold Remix) (Clean Extended) 
16. DJ Unprotected-Want U (unreleased)

DJ Unprotected Laced Radio #54  

1. Monkey Safari-Oxy (Clean) (Short Edit) 
2. Gorgon City & Drama-Nobody (Clean Extended) 
3. Lane 8 & Kasablanca-Run (Clean Extended) 
4. Aftruu-West (Clean Extended) 
5. Wave Point-Different Sounds (Clean Extended) 
6. Tito Puente-Para Los Rumberos (DJ Kazzanova vs Muzik Junkies Remix) (Clean Extended) 
7. Artmann-Only Us (James Dexter Remix) (Clean Extended) 
8I. senberg ft Clarity-Set You Free (Clean Extended) 
9. Carlos A & Jay Caesar-Just Keeping (Ben Murphy Remix) (Clean Extended) 
10. Bissett-Every Single Time (Clean Extended) 
11. Dany Tenaglia vs Celada ft Block & Crown-Music Is The Answer (Cesar Castilla Mashup) (Clean Extended) 
12. Ferdinand Weber-Get Down (Clean Extended) 
13. Stereosoulz-Funkedelik (Clean Extended) 
14. Elton John & Dua Lipa-Cold Heart (PS1 Remix) (Clean Extended) 
15. THOJ ft OTTA-Heartbeat (Clean Extended)

DJ Unprotected Laced Radio #53  

1. T.Markakis-That Jazz Feeling (Clean Extended) 
2. M-22 ft Rhea Melvin-Gravity (Illyus & Barrientos Remix) (Clean Extended) 
3. Sted-E & Hybrid Heights-Your Love (Clean Extended) 
4. House Divided & Austin Hennesy-Focus (Clean Extended) 
5. Fergie ft Ludacris vs Pickle-Glamorous (Cesar Castilla Bootleg) (Clean Extended) 
6. Red Hot Chili Peppers-Otherside (Dwayne Drake Remix) (Clean Extended) 
7. Navos & HARLEE-You & I (Emily Nash Remix) (Clean Extended) 
8. Vales-You Turn Me On (Clean Extended) 
9. DMX-Party Up (Up In Here) (Kealen Remix) (Dirty Extended) 
10. Kanye West ft Baby Keem & Travis Scott vs Cave Studio-Praise God (R-You Bootleg) (Clean Extended) 
11. Nadia-No Time (Clean Extended) 
12. Koffee-Toast (Major Lazer Show Me Love Edit) (Clean Extended) 
13. KREAM-Take Control (Sammy Porter Remix) (Clean Extended) 
14. The Golden Pony-Take Ya Too (Clean Extended) 
15. aboywithabag-Summertime In New York (Clean Extended)