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First Bodybuilding Show recap | What a challenge... I placed! :) 

Here are some pics from the Men's Physique body building show that I competed in on June 10th.  What a challenge!  I learned so much about myself… most importantly that I am able to accomplish my goals no matter how challenging it may be.  

The final few weeks before the show I was in a low calorie deficit:  1000 calories per day, and then the final week I shifted to 500 calories per day.

What do you eat for 500 calories per day?  For me it was 6 oz pork loin cutlet and 1 egg LOL

So what's next?  I'm ready for pool party season.  I'm ready to enjoy myself and be social again.

I was on a One Meal A Day (OMAD) eating schedule, fasting for 22-23 hours per day.. and saying ‘NO’ to a lot of social activities.  

I'm super pumped for summer, traveling, and continuing to develop my physique.  Let's go!

Coming thru with some Tech House heat this week on Laced Radio #69 [ALL TECH HOUSE] 

Here's a nice lil mix filled with Tech House in this episode of Laced Radio!  It's cool to see that I've pumped out 69 of these shows.  Next week is going to be awesome!

As always you can also find the show on Apple Podcasts!


1 Nacho Scoppa, Dames House-Real Talk (Original Mix)  
2 Eddy M-Dropping (Original Mix)  
3 Lu Candotta-Closer (Extended Mix)  
4 Bored Machines, Carol Favero-Shake For Me (Original Mix)  
5 Armand Van Helden, Mark Knight-Down To Earth (Extended Mix)  
6 Eli Brown-Get Down (Extended Mix)  
7 Curtiba, MUUS-High On You (Extended Mix)  
8 Zuezeu All The Girls (Extended Mix)  
9 Dani Masi, Daniel Aguayo-Deep Space (Extended Mix)  
10 Return Of The Jaded-Organ Banger (Extended Mix)  
11 CHESSER-Feel It Now (Extended Mix)  
12 Frederick & Kusse, Siege, Frankco-Monster (Extended Mix)  
13 Ammo Avenue-Halley (Original Mix)

New Challenge | Let's Go! [my first bodybuilding event] 

I've always wanted to take my physical aesthetics to a new level.  I've been a “gym goer” for years but was still missing the essentials to get that ripped, summer bod.  Well… there's no backing out now!  I'm in the last few weeks of prep for my first Men's Physique bodybuidling competition.  June 10th is the goal!

Calorie deficit ✅

Daily affirmations ✅

The desire to succeed ✅


Wrapped up another great Spring family vacation!  

Just finished an annual family spring vacation.  I'm fortunate to be close to the gulf and can find myself on the beach with 3 hours.  Spending time with family is really inspiring for me and it motivates me to develop new ideas.  I'm super excited to be back in the studio, focused on the projects, and making these tracks come to life!

PS - thanks to the Slate Audio VSX headphones, I can be ‘in the studio’ no matter where I'm at!  Review coming soon?  Maybe… :D

[DJ TIP] My streaming set-up for Twitch and Mixcloud sets! 

I've been streaming my DJ sets for almost 3 years now.  In this video I share my advice on how to set up an advanced streaming set-up and even a basic setup so you can get streaming ASAP!

Some of the gear in the video!

  • Universal Audio Apollo x6 (audio interface)
  • GoPro Heroes 7 & 9 
  • Blackmagic ATEM Mini camera switcher (game changer!)
  • LumeCube LED GO Light
  • Monfrotto Tripod (my favorite for traveling and pop-up streaming mixes)

Check out the video!  Thank you :D


Why I switched from BPM Supreme to ZIP DJ for my DJ music service [and would recommend other DJ's should too] ZIP DJ Initial Review 

I had a BPM Supreme DJ music subscription from 2015 through the beginning of 2023 and here's why I switched:

  • I could NOT find most of the music that I enjoyed from DI.FM Radio
  • No Latin music unless subscribing to the additional service (wtf)
  • The new UI that came out in 2022 is not very user friendly

I saw an ad on Facebook (got me! lol) for ZIP DJ service and noticed a DJ colleague had provided a review mentioning how awesome their service is.. so I got interested.

And then I noticed how they were tailored to the electronic music DJ (you know me, house music lover!), so I was definitely interested.

When I'm wanting to find new music for my Laced Radio podcast, I'll buy the tracks on Beatport and/or get them from a DJ subscription service (previously used BPM Supreme).

I cancelled my BPM Supreme and dove in to ZIP DJ! (Got accepted within a day :D)

So far, I am very impressed.  I searched from some of my followed artists on DI.FM and was able to find them!  It's also very cool that I can see the Artist, Track, AND record label.

In summary:  I would absolutely recommend ZIP DJ subscription service to my fellow DJ's, ESPECIALLY if you're in to electronic music (and already have your 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s hits in your library.

Looking forward to showcasing some of my favorite tracks in the next Laced Radio podcast episode!  Let's GO!

Denon DJ does it again? Engine 3.0 update is pretty amazing [REVIEW & Update walk-though] 

I entered the Denon DJ ecosystem back in 2020 and it's been a great journey as a DJ since then.

Denon DJ comes through with another awesome software update, providing DJ's with more tools to enhance our mixes and sets. I've said it before and will repeat myself here… 

Denon DJ is on their way to being a top brand for DJs.  Lookout Pioneer DJ!  

This video will cover an overview of the updates and I will install the Engine DJ 3.0 (desktop) and Engine OS 3.0 on my Prime GO and Prime 4 standalone DJ systems

Denon DJ never ceases to disappoint with their software updates providing us DJ's tools like Samplers, wifi (or hardwire) connection to access Engine DJ (desktop), and some other key features. Do you think Denon DJ hooked us up with this update?  Check out the video and let me know your thoughts in the comments on YouTube.




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