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DJ Unprotected has a passion for music and partying.  There couldn't be a better career for him.  Producing music and being a DJ are a way of life.  The path less traveled, yet the only one available for him. 

Back in action! (Not the plague - Not COVID) 

Guys, I was so sick last week that I'm glad to be feeling 100% and back in the studio.  I don't know what I had!  Similar sympoms to COVID but the test came back negative.  I was in bed the whole time and had too horrible of a headache to be creative.

Also, any of my visitors on Twitch?

I'd rather get probed by an alien than possessed by a demon 

I come in hot during this week's episode by starting off the discussion about whether or not Alien movies are Halloween worthy.  There's one movie in particular that I think deserves some spotlight and view time during Halloween season.  Also, to be probed or possessed... that is the question!  And I answer it and more during this episode.  Tune in and catch up... let's go!



Laced Radio #51 (Hot Off The Press MIX!) 

Here's the latest Laced Radio mix!  Hat tons of fun making this one.  Filled with Tech House and Bass House, plus... some of my favorite songs are remixed in this mix.

Track of the week:  KC LIghts - Girl (go to 32:50)



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Don't only practice your art, but force your way into it's secrets, for it and knowledge can raise men to the divine.”

— Ludwig van Beethoven