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New Controller Carry Bag... YES! 

So there I was... the guy rolling up to a DJ gig with his controller wrapped in a thick blanket.  Well, that HAD to change.  I've finally purchased the Roland DJ-505 Carry Bag and will now be rolling in style (and safely) to my DJ gigs.  Check out my review and thoughts in this video:


Laced Radio Video! 

Here's a fly on the wall view of how it goes down.  Some DJs auto mix, and some do not.  I like to keep it organic!  Should I do these videos more often?


Tracklists: Why They're Important 

The tracklist is important because sometimes you can't use applications like Shazam while listening to music on the same device!  So how do you know the name of the awesome song you're listening to during the DJ mix?  You check out the track mix!  Simple right?

I always post them on my website because I care about you, and want the songs that I play to be known... and I'm not a douche.  :)

Fellow DJs:  Share your tracklist!

LIsteners:  Seek out the trackmix!

- Peace -


The Show Must Go On! 

I survived some technical difficulties thanks to a stubborn mixer and a fried cable. Anyway, Laced Radio is BACK ON!  New post will be listed by tomorrow morning (Fri-yay) so you can get warmed up for the weekend.

Bring on the funky bass and let's have fun!   Thanks for the support and patience... now listen to the new mix! :)

Much love -

DJ Unprotected

Mix: Laced Radio #05 

Back it with another edition of Laced Radio.  This is from a live stream I hosted on 60 minutes of HEAT to include Deep House, Electro House, and Progressive.  There's some bonus tracks at the end :)


Mix: Keeping It Clean! 

Here's some of my favorite tracks to warm up with.  Some gems in there and mashups to bring back some old school hits.  This mix features all clean tracks... what that means is, NO BAD WORDS!  How often do you hear that unless it's on the radio, huh?  You're welcome.  Enjoy!!


Mix: Laced Radio #04 

Turns out this was my last week live with the Artist Radio Station.  The station lost its funding partner so they're holding off on broadcasting until more money comes in.  It was a great experience, since I DJ everyday, I will continue to post the mixes.  NO LOSS HERE. 


Live Mix 

As a DJ it's important to just 'play out'.  Fortunately, technology allows us to be able to do that from our own home/studio.  I'm so excited to have a slot with this radio station and having broadcasted a few test mixes, I can say it is completely different than recording a mix and posting it to sites like Mixcloud & Soundcloud.  Whatever I'm playing, people are hearing exactly at that moment!  There are no starting over because of error.  The show must go on...

People have asked, "So what are you going to play in your mix?"  Well, I'm a huge fan of electro house and pop music, so my mix will definitely feature both of those genres.  I also like hip hop and chill out house.  What am I getting at here?  You can expect high energy house, as well as some classics that you may have not heard in a while. 

Even though I'm playing the music by myself in my studio, I still feel that crowd interaction is important.  Hit me up on Twitter to send me requests and I'll see what I can slip in the mix.  See you Wednesday from 8-10 PM Central.