Live Mix

As a DJ it's important to just 'play out'.  Fortunately, technology allows us to be able to do that from our own home/studio.  I'm so excited to have a slot with this radio station and having broadcasted a few test mixes, I can say it is completely different than recording a mix and posting it to sites like Mixcloud & Soundcloud.  Whatever I'm playing, people are hearing exactly at that moment!  There are no starting over because of error.  The show must go on...

People have asked, "So what are you going to play in your mix?"  Well, I'm a huge fan of electro house and pop music, so my mix will definitely feature both of those genres.  I also like hip hop and chill out house.  What am I getting at here?  You can expect high energy house, as well as some classics that you may have not heard in a while. 

Even though I'm playing the music by myself in my studio, I still feel that crowd interaction is important.  Hit me up on Twitter to send me requests and I'll see what I can slip in the mix.  See you Wednesday from 8-10 PM Central.


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