First Bodybuilding Show recap | What a challenge... I placed! :)

Here are some pics from the Men's Physique body building show that I competed in on June 10th.  What a challenge!  I learned so much about myself… most importantly that I am able to accomplish my goals no matter how challenging it may be.  

The final few weeks before the show I was in a low calorie deficit:  1000 calories per day, and then the final week I shifted to 500 calories per day.

What do you eat for 500 calories per day?  For me it was 6 oz pork loin cutlet and 1 egg LOL

So what's next?  I'm ready for pool party season.  I'm ready to enjoy myself and be social again.

I was on a One Meal A Day (OMAD) eating schedule, fasting for 22-23 hours per day.. and saying ‘NO’ to a lot of social activities.  

I'm super pumped for summer, traveling, and continuing to develop my physique.  Let's go!

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