2019 - I'm Not Done Yet!


hOUR Session DJ Set @ Webhouse (San Antonio) - September 25

Producing audio for "Unrestricted With Ryan Johnson" Podcast *release*- September 30

The Greatest Halloween Party - October 26

Christmas House Album *release* -…


Laced Radio #43

Track Of The Week: Tough Love ft. Marshall Jefferson


Vacation Time! I <3 NY

It's that time of the year when I go and visit family and friends in New York.  I always enjoyed growing up in New York.  The scenery is beautiful and people are generally entertaining.  This week is about to…

New Track: My Squad

I said it before and I will say it again... I LOVE SUMMER!  New music, pool parties, and great times with friends.  This song was inspired by my time at the beach and I really wanted to express energy and…

Summer Is Off To A Great Start!

I had an amazing event this past weekend.  I played music that had a healthy mix of house and 'ratchet'.  It was beautiful and I had so much fun.  The cops shut us down right at 10PM (yeah, thanks Grand…


What I Love About Summer

Summer is such an exciting time of the year!  You can go out and be comfortable in a T-Shirt without having lug around a jacket when you're in the club.  You can also always find something to do before the…


Who's ready for summer? New mix has me vibin' HARD!

I am so ready for Summer!  Pool parties, floating the river, and rooftops.  Let's get ready together.  I started this weeks' #LacedRadio podcast with a different vibe.  Play it loud and let me know... Do you LOVE it or HATE…


New Podcast With A Special Guest Intro! - #41

I asked my Dad to record the introduction for the podcast.  He gets excited and has lots of energy.  He loves doing these kinds of things!  How do you think he did?

Track of the week:  Jonas Brothers -…