Major Studio Update Almost Complete!

Okay... we are almost THERE!  It's actually been a fun and rewarding process.  I know that I invest a lot of time and money into my music business, so I'm going in to this knowing that this upgrade will…


Major Studio Upgrade! - HUUUUUGE

Okay, I'll be honest... I onlly update computers (in my case, Apple Macs) when they no longer allow me to do the tasks that I need to do.  And that's mainly music production and basic video editing.  The last time…


Friday Night House Parties! *Live Mixes*

Every Friday I'm going live on Mixcloud.  They don't interrupt the mix, which means I get to play music continuously for YOU!  I've done it for 2 weeks now and it's going smoothly.  So you can count me in…

New EP: Skinny Dip * Coming In Hot On August 7th! *

That's right!  Got a new project dropping on August 7th... and went a little bit different with this one.  Last album was very much inspired by Tech House.  This project... not so much.

I'll share more soon.  Here's the…


Custom Birthday Mix For Tricia (Happy Bday T Money!)

The party may be cancelled in public venues, but it doesn't mean people can't party on their own.  There may be an avenue for this type of service.  Custom mixes for clients.  That would be cool!



Sometimes 'No' Can Lead To 'Yes!' (Hopefully)

OKAY, guys... so I didn't get selected for the @EDMDriveIn opening set opportunity.  I was a little bummed when I didn't see my name on the list.  But, I know that you only lose when you DO NOT submit.  That's…


Mix Submission For San Antonio's @EDMDriveIn Event

San Antonio is having an event called @EDMDriveIn.  I reached out about getting an opening slot and it turns out they decided to offer a compeition for local DJs to 'fight' for a spot.  So I did it!  I crammed…


The Output - New Episode featuring guest Coach Veronyca!

Learning lessons all over the place but thankfully I was able to recover some audio, haha.  It worked out well and this episode turned out awesome!  I'll be posting some of the highlights on social media, but here's the full…

The Output - Awesome Episode Coming In Hot!

I'm really excited to announce this week's guest for The Output, @verooofitness.  She's a social media influencer, fitness coach & personal trainer, a business woman, and total badass.  The episode releases on Thursday!  You can find it on iTunes,


New Mix! You Don't Want To Miss This #TOTW

I lead off this mix by playing one of the fan favorites off of my EP which is a track titled 'Giving Up'.  It leads off this mix, but mainly because I hope people dig the track and…

A New Podcast: The Output With DJ Unprotected!!

Okay, so I've been working with a company called Aztec Nation for a couple of years now.  After producing several podcasts for their company, the owner, asked me if I wanted to host my own series.  Several discussions later and…