What An Amazing Day! *Release*

Today is the day that my first EP, This Is How I Feel, released on all platforms.  It's amazing to think how a small idea grew into four tracks that are being heard by other people.  And it is even…


What Production Tools Do I Use?

Good question!!! It's always cool to know what musicians use when they're creating their tracks.  Here's what gets regular use in my studio:

Digital Audio Workstation:  Logic Pro X

Favorite Plug-In Suite:  Waves

Software Synths:  reFX Nexus…


My First EP Tracklist

Here's the tracklist for my first EP, THIS IS HOW I FEEL.  I can't wait for this to drop on May 22nd!

1. Giving Up

2. This House

3. Volition

4. Inner Thoughts


Club Quarantine Live - 10 April 2020

Here's a recorded mix from my live set on Friday 10 April to close out the Club Quarantine series hosted by Aztec Nation.  Enjoy!




New Mix - Track Of The Week Is FIRE!!!

Here's the latest Laced Radio Mix!  The track of the week is filled with energy and is a true gem for any set.  I hop you enjoy it!

Track of the week:  Galantis vs Guns N' Roses vs…

Club Quarantine Live - 6 April 2020

Here is a recording of my live mix from Club Quarantine, sponsored by the Aztec Nation Facebook page.  This mix is filled with Techno, Tech House, and some mash-ups with Red Hot Chili Peppers and ACDC.  High energy and…

Thank You Guys! This Is Just For You

It can be trying times for some people with the COVID-19 pandemic that's occuring around the world.  The music industry has taken a hit for sure... for both the artist and consumer.  But, I've found a way that we…


#StayHome And Listen To Good Music

Stay safe out there, friends!  It's hard times but life doesn't have to be a struggle.  Find enjoyment in the little things.  Music will always be there!  Have fun with this mix and #STAYHOME


New Album: This Is How I Feel

I'm starting 2020 with some FIRE!  This album titled, This Is How I Feel, is a mix of tracks that I produced to show my passion for music making.  Some emotions went into this and I'm excited to release it…

Making A Debut At Nebula in San Antonio, Texas

I have my first debut for the electronic music show called, Nebula.  It is hosted by this talented artist and DJ, Chuy.  The crew of DJs that show up to this event have unmatched talent and passion for electronic music…

2019 Coming To A Close

I've played my last live gig with some awesome DJs this week!  I've been DJing for these hOUR Sessions since May and I can tell, it really is an amazing treat.  I can free my soul and play the sweetest…