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DJ Unprotected has a passion for music and partying.  There couldn't be a better career for him.  Producing music and being a DJ are a way of life.  The path less traveled, yet the only one available for him. 

The Output Podcast - Episode 35 | Insert previx here for potato head 

This episode syncs up perfectly with my age.  As long as I'm consistent with recording these podcasts, this will never happen again!  Allow me to update you with my health and fitness milestone, as well as my thoughts on the gender-neutral Potato Head.  Plus, I present you with a "would you rather..?" question!  Engage with me on Twitter @djunprotected.  Tune in!


The Output Podcast - Episode 34 | How to survive winter crisis in Texas 

It’s without a doubt been a while week in Texas.  Global Warming isn’t real, right?  We’re not getting in to politics in this show, but definitely talking about how things have been challenging here in the South Central Texas area, that the North East might consider a mild storm.  Beyond understanding that this state isn’t prepared for winter conditions, we have to understand that people still have basic needs.  Let’s talk about what living off the grid might be like and venture in the benefits and negatives of that life.  Plus, we’ll talk about interesting hobbies that just might keep you entertained on a boring day.  Finally, we’ll talk about some music you could add to your playlist.  Tune in on all podcast streaming platforms!

No Recording From Twitch Live Set :( 

Okay... that's my bad for not sharing the recording of last week's Live Stream DJ set on Twitch.  Here's what happened:

I wanted to test out the BeatportLINK (where you can stream music from Beatport instead of off the USB or Serato Library).  And it turns out that when you do that on the Denon DJ Prime GO, you can't record the set.  I recorded video of it and was tempted to put that on YouTube, but do I really wanna deal with a week full of copyright claims?  Not really... LOL

So this Saturday, I will definitely record the set!  Have no fear, fam... as long as I still have power here in Texas, I'll be live!

Watch DJ Unprotected on Twitch - Saturday at 8pm Central

The Output Podcast - Episode 33 | Finding humor in mustard

Episode 33: Finding Humor in mustard 
What the heck happened during the Super Bowl?  I offer up my review on The Weeknd's less than stellar performance, and how the commercial game could've been better.  Thankfully a Canadian TV channel saved the day for me with their Heinz commercial.  Taylor Swift's "Fearless" is coming out today and I can't wait to push play... why?  Well, tune in and find out!

The Output Podcast - Episode 32 | Superweekend Bust 

Between the GME peak and tank, and the AMC short squeeze bust... we are rolling in to Superweekend hoping for the same!  Sure, Tom Brady may be one of the greatest, but is there a chance this is a set-up by the NFL to ensure they had substantial viewers in the midst of a pandemic?  In this episode I make the bold statement of comparing this Super Bowl match-up to the WWE.  Shenanigans?  Maybe!  We'll also talk movies, and music... tune in!

The Output Podcast - Episode 31 | Live shows and Taco Bell memories 

We’ve got some awesome and interesting EDM news to discuss this week.  One of my favorite EDM artists have signed a publishing deal and has their own label development in the works.  Which porn star recently purchased an EDM stars previously used castle?  This was no cheap purchase by the way… at $4 million.  And I recap how my 2nd Covid vaccine shot went went.  Be sure to tune in!

The Output Podcast - Episode 30 | Lottery winners horror stories 

What do you think about when you imagine winning the lottery?  With the Powerball at $640 million and Mega Millions at $750 million, there's a lot of people hoping to have their lives change.  In this episode we'll talk about why people mess up when they win the lottery and pick out some favorite lottery winning horror stories.  We wrap this episode up with some positive thoughts as we take on 2021 with good vibes.  Tune!


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