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DJ Unprotected has a passion for music and partying.  There couldn't be a better career for him.  Producing music and being a DJ are a way of life.  The path less traveled, yet the only one available for him. 

Major Studio Update Almost Complete! 

Okay... we are almost THERE!  It's actually been a fun and rewarding process.  I know that I invest a lot of time and money into my music business, so I'm going in to this knowing that this upgrade will bring new opportunities for me.  I'm already seeing some positive returns from the equipment.  But we aren't there yet! 

Here's the status on the upgrade:

- Production software (check)

- Audio editing capability (check)

- Video editing capability (check)

- DJ software integration (up next)

Here are tasks that have fully transitioned over to the new MPB 13" 2020

- The Output Podcast Editing (audio)

- Music productions

Next week I will be 100% on the MBP 13" 2020.  I'm trading in my MBP 15" 2014 tomorrow, so today is the last day!  I think that the transition to fully moving over DJ capability might take me another week, just because I'm transitioning to a new hard drive (SSD) and cleaning up the music bank (LOL).

This is the status update!  I'll post pictures on  my IG (@unprotected) and my YouTube Channel.  Thanks for the patience and support.  You guys are the best!


Major Studio Upgrade! - HUUUUUGE 

Okay, I'll be honest... I onlly update computers (in my case, Apple Macs) when they no longer allow me to do the tasks that I need to do.  And that's mainly music production and basic video editing.  The last time I purchased an Apple computer was in 2012, and it was a Macbook Pro for DJing and producing while traveling.  It's held out well but when it comes to streaming, it can give me issues.  I've also had Serato crash on me during gigs when using the 4-deck function.  NO BUENO!

I also have a MacBook Pro 15" 2013, that I got while pursuing my Bachelors... this was part of the tuition, so I never paid for it out-right.  This MBP is also holding out well but has caused me problems when editing 4K video at 6fps.  I like 4K, 60 fps because it looks awesome in my DJ shots.  It is just disheartening that I can only process 4K 30 fps on this MBP, and honestly, it handles 1080p much better without givng me the middle finger. 

And finally, my music studio computer is a mid-2010 Mac Pro.  The OG cheese grater, haha.  The issue I'm having with this computer is that I can't update to the latest Mac OS which supports the new Logic Pro X update.  And this Logic Pro X update is doing amazing things for sampling and patterns.  As a producer, and Logic Pro X user... I need to be able to keep up with latest updates!

So here we are!  I am upgrading to a decked out MBP 13" 2020 and will consolidate all of my workflow to this laptop.  I'm excited about it because I AM SO over transfering projects from my music studio cheese grater to my laptop via USB, when I have to work with clients on the go. 

In an environment where being adaptable and mobile is key, this consolidation is necessary.  I may be out of commission for a few days as I complete the transition, but I will document the process and post on my YouTube.

I'm super pumped!

- DJ Unprotected -

Friday Night House Parties! *Live Mixes* 

Every Friday I'm going live on Mixcloud.  They don't interrupt the mix, which means I get to play music continuously for YOU!  I've done it for 2 weeks now and it's going smoothly.  So you can count me in again this Friday @ 8 PM Central.  Did I mention that it's FREE for you?  No ads & no shutdowns.. just music. Here's the link!


PS - While you're there, hit subscribe and like so you can get notified whenever I post new mixes :)

Be safe and stay healthy.. see you Friday!


Sometimes 'No' Can Lead To 'Yes!' (Hopefully) 

OKAY, guys... so I didn't get selected for the @EDMDriveIn opening set opportunity.  I was a little bummed when I didn't see my name on the list.  But, I know that you only lose when you DO NOT submit.  That's the whole thing with competitions... you have no idea what or if the judges are even looking for anything.  Is it large amount of followers?  Specific music genre?  A certain look?  Who knows!  It's usually not off of skill, haha!  I say that because I knew some other well known DJs in San Antonio who also got passed up.  Sometimes that's just how it is.

So what next... Do I mope and feel depressed about the missed opportunity?  Absolutely not!  I took the time after the competition to complete my next EP "Skinny Dip" which will release in August.  I'm also realigning my marketing plan to better fit different revenue streams.  This recent 'No' has provided me more drive to continue honing in my craft as an artist and creator. 

I'm very excited about the future and I have faith that I will succeed in this industry.  Good things are coming because the hard work is happening :)


Mix Submission For San Antonio's @EDMDriveIn Event  

San Antonio is having an event called @EDMDriveIn.  I reached out about getting an opening slot and it turns out they decided to offer a compeition for local DJs to 'fight' for a spot.  So I did it!  I crammed 15 songs into this 30 minutes and offered up 2 originals and 2 mashups to personalize this mix a little bit more.  I hope you like it!


The Output - New Episode featuring guest Coach Veronyca! 

Learning lessons all over the place but thankfully I was able to recover some audio, haha.  It worked out well and this episode turned out awesome!  I'll be posting some of the highlights on social media, but here's the full episode!

You can catch this episode on iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube.  Just search for The Output :)


The Output - Awesome Episode Coming In Hot! 

I'm really excited to announce this week's guest for The Output, @verooofitness.  She's a social media influencer, fitness coach & personal trainer, a business woman, and total badass.  The episode releases on Thursday!  You can find it on iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, and this link below!


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