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DJ Unprotected has a passion for music and partying.  There couldn't be a better career for him.  Producing music and being a DJ are a way of life.  The path less traveled, yet the only one available for him. 

PSA: DJ's and showering 

I don't know what it is but the majority of the time that I step in to a DJ booth, it smells like an ashtray, swamp ass, body odor, and mustyness.  It's like DJ's wanna be this 'organic' artist.  Now, I'm not saying ALL DJ's are like this.  I can't speak for anyone else, but I definitely take the time to shower before all of my gigs.  I have some DJ friends who also take care of themselves. 

BUT man... I just never know what to expect some times during DJ jam sessions at dive bars.  Anyway, I wanted to share something AKA some awesome soap with my fellow DJs in hopes it helps them out.

There's a company called Tactical Soap that sells pheromone infused soap.  The pheromones are a bonus of this soap, in my opinion.  I like that the soap makes me feel clean, doesn't have an over powerful scent, and one bar lasts quite a while.

I really hope that my fellow DJs find this information helpful.  The ONLY funk that should exist in the booth are the beats!

How I set my music cue points: 3 step system 






I've been DJing for 14 years and I definitely think it's one of the coolest careers out there.  My style and technique has been revolutionary for sure.  I started on vinyl records, then quickly transitioned to CDs, and finally moved on to the laptop DJ style (Serato DJ).

It took a while but I finally figured out an easy way to prepare music for DJ sets and mixes, and after honing it down... I wanted to share it with you! 

This one goes out to all my DJs (beginners and pros) and if you're a curious music fan... this is also for you!

Watch the full setting DJ Cue Point tutorial on YouTube HERE

M-AUDIO Keystation 49 MK3 Review! Great home studio keyboard 






Check out my full review on YouTube.  I recently had to say goodbye to my Akai MPK49 Midi Keyboard...😢  it was with me from the start of my music journey (est 2008).  I was having some control issues where it was automatically adjusting controls within my plug-ins and instruments.  Imagine playing the electric piano instrument and all of a sudden the pitch was being adjusted.  I decided to buy the M-Audio Keystation 49 MK3 because it was VERY affordable ($89 on sale).

Watch the full review video and 'key sound' demonstration on YouTube HERE

Blockchain Websites and NFTs.... Am I There?! [YES!] 

Big plans coming up for the following blockchain sites... I am really excited about this!



Pumped to see how these develop in the future.  PS - drove by a highway 888 yesterday... coincidence?  LOL

I'm really excited for the future when it comes to artist and the digital environment.

Mackie Thump GO: Best portable speaker for mobile DJs? [REVIEW] 

Let's talk about Mackie Thump Go - which might be the BEST portable speaker for DJs, house parties, tailgating, picnics, pool parties, Sunday Funday, etc....

I purchased this speaker a few weeks ago when I was booked to DJ a wedding that required a sound source in an additional room for cocktail & dinner hour.

Let me tell you, I was seriously impressed with this speaker.  Prior to buying it I was conducting research and determined I had to check it out at Guitar Center.  Fortunately for me, when I got there the staff had a Mackie Thump Go all set up to test out at the counter.  Took 30 seconds for me to make my decision.


  • Light weight (under 20 lbs)
  • Option to have stereo input (via AUX or 2x inputs)
  • Music ducking option with mic plugged in
  • Different output sounds settings
    • Highly recommend speech for speeches!
  • Has the typical Mackie type sound:  aggressive and offers some bass


  • Pricey (might be worth it if there's usability at gigs (don't let it sit in storage!)
  • Need a carry bag (can't find one yet)


Overall review:  I would definitely recommend this for DJs who have steady gig.  If mobile gigs don't require additional speakers for spare rooms, you could definitely have this speaker on hand for club gigs because I think this also works well as a monitor speaker.  You can plug in an RCA to Stereo cable and plug it in the AUX input for use as a monitor. 

What are your thoughts on this device?  Is this something you could use for house parties?  Let me know!

Making Goals and Living Your Dreams! [Music, DJ, good Vibes] 

On April 19th I'm super excited to get involved with a program that's going to help me grow in my music career.  Can't wait to begin that experience.

I'm currently on vacation with my family.  Still making music while at the beach, working on dj sets with my Denon DJ Prime Go (as you know... is one of my favorite music gear to travel with!), and forecasting more marketing plans. 

I've got a lot of music to present but I want to go about a different way.  Patience is important for artists.  I appreciate all of your support.  Stay tuned!


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Don't only practice your art, but force your way into it's secrets, for it and knowledge can raise men to the divine.”

— Ludwig van Beethoven