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2019 - I'm Not Done Yet! 


hOUR Session DJ Set @ Webhouse (San Antonio) - September 25

Producing audio for "Unrestricted With Ryan Johnson" Podcast *release*- September 30

The Greatest Halloween Party - October 26

Christmas House Album *release* - November 29

New Track: My Squad 

I said it before and I will say it again... I LOVE SUMMER!  New music, pool parties, and great times with friends.  This song was inspired by my time at the beach and I really wanted to express energy and fun.  Please enjoy this track on Spotify, Apple Music, and EVERYWHERE else!  Let your speakers have fun for once with this one.  ENJOY!


New Track: I Want Your Soul *November 21st* 

Very few things excite me more than cherry pie... but releasing a song is definitely on that list.  I WANT YOUR SOUL is a track that I had composed about a month ago and was wanting to record my own lyrics.  I was able to find other vocals for it and it was AMAZING how things matched up.  Don't miss out on this release on November 21st!



Grabbing Inspiration! 

This is one of the best visual representations that I can offer about how I grasp inspiration within the studio.  I reach out!  Sometimes this happens from within, or physically with my arms trying to grab something from thin air.  No matter what, I don't pull inspiration or ideas out of my ass.  Everything with music has a purpose to me.  Each note, drum beat, chord, and effect has a purpose to fulfill some type of emotion.  It's all real to me. 

Advice To Myself In 5 Years 

Have you ever wondered where you would be in 5 years?  What would you say?  We have all had these questions before, whether we are on dates, job interviews, hanging with your Mother, etc.,  Here is a video of the advice I would give myself in FIVE years:


From Writers Block, Comes New Sounds! 

I will be putting out a video this week about my journey through writers block.  It was QUITE the journey.  But I'm back, baby!  New track in the works with plans to record in the next week or two.

Morale of the story... make your mind do what the hands have to do!




I'm In LA! The City of Dreams! 

I'm on a trip to Los Angeles to produce a podcast.  This is an amazing opportunity and I'm glad to be on board with this project.  I've never been to LA before and what a better opportunity to knock it off the bucket list by working audio for the project.  I've only been here for a day, but I can say that I want to come back already.  It does feel like another country tho.... Also, does it really take 20 mins to get everywhere in LA?!  #bullshit

OMG... Can't Wait! New TRACK!!! 

I am very, very, VERY excited to release my next single.  Here's the cover art, isn't it amazing?!  This track is called MIDNIGHT LOVER.  It's deep, passionate, and filled with climax! Well... you be the judge.  Look for it at the end of this month!

BTS: Getting to the fun STUFF! 

So here we are!  Now we have established a static mix and will begin adding FX to taste.  I love this part because it's where you can experiment with Reverbs and Delays to begin adding space to the mix. 

If you've been a fan of my music, you will probably notice that I layer my elements.  This basically means that space is important.  Have you ever tried to sleep with three pillows on top of each other?   Not that enjoyable, right?  Well, when you space the pillows out it gets MUCH MORE comfortable doesn't it.   That's why space is important in the mix. This is deep I know...

BTS: Getting my mix on! 

It's a one man show as I take on all the production tasks.  So what's that like?  Well, here's the dirty grind of post-production... getting in to the mix!  Coffee + Baileys Creme = this type of video... Enjoy!

BTS: Preparing A Track For The Mix 

Here's the stream of me doing what I do in the studio.  Went live on Twitch this weekend to go thru some of the clean-up processes and last stage of production.  It can be tedious but the end result is worth all the work!  Part 2 is coming out this week.  If you don't follow me on, you need to make that happen.  There's a link in my post from a few months back. How often do you get to watch someone conquer writers block?! :)

Being A Great Listener 

We all know that one person who doesn't listen when you talk to them.  As you're trying to tell them something, they're responding before you're able to finish your sentence.  How annoying is that?!  We also know that one person who is a great listener when you talk to them.  They take in all of the things you have to say and then provide their input, if needed.  Where am I going with this...

As a producer, I feel it's important to be a great listener to the music you're creating.  It's important to let the melody speak to you.  I have learned that it's best to let the melody and chord progression tell you where the song is going, and not tell them where they need to go.  An artist that I recently worked with said it best, "It's all about the feels.  I'm not speaking to the music, all I'm doing is reacting to the feels. No structure, no theory, just the feels man."

Listen to music like you're trying to be its' best friend and feel the difference.