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[Deep House, House, Tech House] Laced Radio 54 is out now! The track of the week is funky af! 

This week's Laced Radio Episode 54 is out!  Enjoy and please subscribe :D

Track of the week:  Stereosoulz - Funkedelik

1. Monkey Safari-Oxy (Clean) (Short Edit) 
2. Gorgon City & Drama-Nobody (Clean Extended) 
3. Lane 8 & Kasablanca-Run (Clean Extended) 
4. Aftruu-West (Clean Extended) 
5. Wave Point-Different Sounds (Clean Extended) 
6. Tito Puente-Para Los Rumberos (DJ Kazzanova vs Muzik Junkies Remix) (Clean Extended) 
7. Artmann-Only Us (James Dexter Remix) (Clean Extended) 
8I. senberg ft Clarity-Set You Free (Clean Extended) 
9. Carlos A & Jay Caesar-Just Keeping (Ben Murphy Remix) (Clean Extended) 
10. Bissett-Every Single Time (Clean Extended) 
11. Dany Tenaglia vs Celada ft Block & Crown-Music Is The Answer (Cesar Castilla Mashup) (Clean Extended) 
12. Ferdinand Weber-Get Down (Clean Extended) 
13. Stereosoulz-Funkedelik (Clean Extended) 
14. Elton John & Dua Lipa-Cold Heart (PS1 Remix) (Clean Extended) 
15. THOJ ft OTT-AHeartbeat (Clean Extended)

Saturday Night House Party - Sept 18th Live DJ Set | House | Tech 

Here's the live mix from my Twitch DJ Set on Saturday, September 18th. Please follow me on Twitch to get notifications on my live sets!! :D 
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Do What You Love! 

Find what makes you happy and go do it!  If it isn't bringing harm or pain to others, then go for it.  Of course, in your quest to do and find what you love... please never forget the universal rule: 

  • DON'T BE A DICK! ;)



An inspiring year... 

Find inspiration where you go... I've got lots of music lined up for release before the end of the year.  Can't wait to share it with you guys... it's been an inspiring year.

Photographer:  Bruce Williams (IG: @daphatsphotos)

No Recording From Twitch Live Set :( 

Okay... that's my bad for not sharing the recording of last week's Live Stream DJ set on Twitch.  Here's what happened:

I wanted to test out the BeatportLINK (where you can stream music from Beatport instead of off the USB or Serato Library).  And it turns out that when you do that on the Denon DJ Prime GO, you can't record the set.  I recorded video of it and was tempted to put that on YouTube, but do I really wanna deal with a week full of copyright claims?  Not really... LOL

So this Saturday, I will definitely record the set!  Have no fear, fam... as long as I still have power here in Texas, I'll be live!

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