Major Studio Update Almost Complete!

Okay... we are almost THERE!  It's actually been a fun and rewarding process.  I know that I invest a lot of time and money into my music business, so I'm going in to this knowing that this upgrade will bring new opportunities for me.  I'm already seeing some positive returns from the equipment.  But we aren't there yet! 

Here's the status on the upgrade:

- Production software (check)

- Audio editing capability (check)

- Video editing capability (check)

- DJ software integration (up next)

Here are tasks that have fully transitioned over to the new MPB 13" 2020

- The Output Podcast Editing (audio)

- Music productions

Next week I will be 100% on the MBP 13" 2020.  I'm trading in my MBP 15" 2014 tomorrow, so today is the last day!  I think that the transition to fully moving over DJ capability might take me another week, just because I'm transitioning to a new hard drive (SSD) and cleaning up the music bank (LOL).

This is the status update!  I'll post pictures on  my IG (@unprotected) and my YouTube Channel.  Thanks for the patience and support.  You guys are the best!


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