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Being A Great Listener 

We all know that one person who doesn't listen when you talk to them.  As you're trying to tell them something, they're responding before you're able to finish your sentence.  How annoying is that?!  We also know that one person who is a great listener when you talk to them.  They take in all of the things you have to say and then provide their input, if needed.  Where am I going with this...

As a producer, I feel it's important to be a great listener to the music you're creating.  It's important to let the melody speak to you.  I have learned that it's best to let the melody and chord progression tell you where the song is going, and not tell them where they need to go.  An artist that I recently worked with said it best, "It's all about the feels.  I'm not speaking to the music, all I'm doing is reacting to the feels. No structure, no theory, just the feels man."

Listen to music like you're trying to be its' best friend and feel the difference.

Comfort Zone: Breached! 

It's important to step out of your comfort zone.  At least, that is what I have been told!  Recently, I have realized that I have compositions that need lyrics.  Some of the artists I work with do not write their own songs.  So in relation to the Winston Churchill quote that I've posted, I decided to take a course in songwriting.

The first thing I learned in the course was how to write effective lyrics.  You do that by writing what is real to YOU.  This means going deep emotionally and really expressing how you feel about something.  To write the best hook, it has to touch others.  Touching others requires you to use words that they can relate to.  Before I get too wordy here, what I'm trying to say is that putting emotion into words is a challenge.  I'm a man, and we all know how skilled men are at expressing their emotions! 

Regardless, I know that I want to write songs for my artists and it is what I need to take my music to the next level.  So I am willing to step out of my comfort zone to create great music.  Stay tuned!

Opportunities are EVERYWHERE! 

This quote should be the mantra of every musician.  I have learned that it is best to find opportunities whenever you can and always look to learn from those opportunities.  Nothing is ever a loss, while everything has all to gain.  Anytime that I get frustrated, I remember this quote and change the way that I am looking at things. 

Time to lock myself in the studio.  Here's to new music!