Say It Aint So!!!

If I don't have it, it's not HOT!  Handing me your phone is disrespectful... unless there's a $20 on top.


To talk, or not to talk?

Okay guys... need your advice.  Would you like me to talk during my podcasts and DJ mixes, or shall I keep it as is and let the music ride? 

Reply with a comment here or hit me up on…

New Music Got Me Like...

Special shout out goes to my friends at Studio Capture for the amazing photo shoot!


The Show Must Go On!

I survived some technical difficulties thanks to a stubborn mixer and a fried cable. Anyway, Laced Radio is BACK ON!  New post will be listed by tomorrow morning (Fri-yay) so you can get warmed up for the weekend.


BTS: Getting to the fun STUFF!

So here we are!  Now we have established a static mix and will begin adding FX to taste.  I love this part because it's where you can experiment with Reverbs and Delays to begin adding space to the mix. 


BTS: Getting my mix on!

It's a one man show as I take on all the production tasks.  So what's that like?  Well, here's the dirty grind of post-production... getting in to the mix!  Coffee + Baileys Creme = this type of video... Enjoy…

BTS: Preparing A Track For The Mix

Here's the stream of me doing what I do in the studio.  Went live on Twitch this weekend to go thru some of the clean-up processes and last stage of production.  It can be tedious but the end result is…

Help!!! Get Lucky Competition Mix

I need your help... please check out this mix to help me get to the Get Lucky festival in Salt Lake City! 
P.S. - Hit me up on Facebook and I'll send you a download link to the track!

Mix: Laced Radio #07

LUCKY NUMBER 7!!! Get lucky baby!  This number along with number 5 are my favorite... but I love every mix that I do <3  Enjoy!