Opportunities are EVERYWHERE!

This quote should be the mantra of every musician.  I have learned that it is best to find opportunities whenever you can and always look to learn from those opportunities.  Nothing is ever a loss, while everything has all to…

Mix: Laced Radio #04

Turns out this was my last week live with the Artist Radio Station.  The station lost its funding partner so they're holding off on broadcasting until more money comes in.  It was a great experience, since I DJ everyday, I…

Mix: Laced Radio #03

Here is another rendition of my live mix series.  Really enjoyed mixing these tracks.  A lot of quality grooves and less vocals.  Hope you enjoy!


Mix: Laced Radio #02

Here's my second week live on the air... Talking on the mic isn't my favorite, but sometimes it HAS to be done:


Live Mix

As a DJ it's important to just 'play out'.  Fortunately, technology allows us to be able to do that from our own home/studio.  I'm so excited to have a slot with this radio station and having broadcasted a few test…

For the love of music, give some back!

Honestly, being a DJ is one of the biggest rushes I have ever experienced.  Having yet to reach the 10,000 hour milestone of actually DJing, I still have things to learn to master my craft.  They say that teaching is…