From Writers Block, Comes New Sounds!

I will be putting out a video this week about my journey through writers block.  It was QUITE the journey.  But I'm back, baby!  New track in the works with plans to record in the next week or two.

I'm In LA! The City of Dreams!

I'm on a trip to Los Angeles to produce a podcast.  This is an amazing opportunity and I'm glad to be on board with this project.  I've never been to LA before and what a better opportunity to knock it…

2018... I'm Coming For You!!!

2018 is LOCKED in!  So many exciting projects in the works.  Goodbye 2017, I'm moving onto a new model of success :)  Love you all - DJ UNPROTECTED -


Live Show! Going Down Today @ 8PM EST

I will be doing a live broadcast on Concert Window which starts at 8:00pm EST on November 11. Wherever you are in the world, you can tune in! I’ll be taking requests and answering your questions. It will happen at…


Laced Radio Video!

Here's a fly on the wall view of how it goes down.  Some DJs auto mix, and some do not.  I like to keep it organic!  Should I do these videos more often?


OMG... Can't Wait! New TRACK!!!

I am very, very, VERY excited to release my next single.  Here's the cover art, isn't it amazing?!  This track is called MIDNIGHT LOVER.  It's deep, passionate, and filled with climax! Well... you be the judge.  Look for it…