OMG... Can't Wait! New TRACK!!!

I am very, very, VERY excited to release my next single.  Here's the cover art, isn't it amazing?!  This track is called MIDNIGHT LOVER.  It's deep, passionate, and filled with climax! Well... you be the judge.  Look for it…

For Real Though! I love You... But I Dont :-/

LMAO!!!  If you want me to play your song, it's best to hit me up on Twitter.  I'll understand that MUCH easier than you trying to yell over the dope bass tracks that are banging off the speakers :)

The Wait Is Over: Patience is OUT NOW!

I couldn't wait to release this song.  I had so much fun making this track and I love this new direction I'm heading in.  You can find the track in the Music section or any digital media outlet.  Hope…

Damn Right!

People want the homie hookup but I do my best to stay away from #4....

I Really Want This Shirt!

Who wants to make me this shirt?  ESSENTIAL ITEM!!!




Tracklists: Why They're Important

The tracklist is important because sometimes you can't use applications like Shazam while listening to music on the same device!  So how do you know the name of the awesome song you're listening to during the DJ mix?  You check…

Say It Aint So!!!

If I don't have it, it's not HOT!  Handing me your phone is disrespectful... unless there's a $20 on top.


To talk, or not to talk?

Okay guys... need your advice.  Would you like me to talk during my podcasts and DJ mixes, or shall I keep it as is and let the music ride? 

Reply with a comment here or hit me up on…

New Music Got Me Like...

Special shout out goes to my friends at Studio Capture for the amazing photo shoot!


The Show Must Go On!

I survived some technical difficulties thanks to a stubborn mixer and a fried cable. Anyway, Laced Radio is BACK ON!  New post will be listed by tomorrow morning (Fri-yay) so you can get warmed up for the weekend.