Do What You Love!

Find what makes you happy and go do it!  If it isn't bringing harm or pain to others, then go for it.  Of course, in your quest to do and find what you love... please never forget the universal rule: 

An inspiring year...

Find inspiration where you go... I've got lots of music lined up for release before the end of the year.  Can't wait to share it with you guys... it's been an inspiring year.

Photographer:  Bruce Williams (IG: @daphatsphotos)


The Output Podcast - Episode 39 | Vintage AM Radio

Good times recording this one!  Lots of interesting topics:  police and non-lethal force, losing weight/gaining sexiness, and hanging out with my vaxxed friends.  Also, I'll be doing an upgrade because for whatever reason, my interface gets staticky while recording.  It…

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