Who's ready for summer? New mix has me vibin' HARD!

I am so ready for Summer!  Pool parties, floating the river, and rooftops.  Let's get ready together.  I started this weeks' #LacedRadio podcast with a different vibe.  Play it loud and let me know... Do you LOVE it or HATE…


New Podcast With A Special Guest Intro! - #41

I asked my Dad to record the introduction for the podcast.  He gets excited and has lots of energy.  He loves doing these kinds of things!  How do you think he did?

Track of the week:  Jonas Brothers -…


Goodbye 2018!

2018 was a great year for music. Here's my wrap up of favorite tracks that I've enjoyed blasting thru speakers over the past 12 months.  Enjoy!



New Track: I Want Your Soul *November 21st*

Very few things excite me more than cherry pie... but releasing a song is definitely on that list.  I WANT YOUR SOUL is a track that I had composed about a month ago and was wanting to record my own…


New DJ Headphones! *Finally*

Well, my first ever DJ headphones broke and I was so excited to get these.  Check out my unboxing and initial reaction.  These are a must have!



New Controller Carry Bag... YES!

So there I was... the guy rolling up to a DJ gig with his controller wrapped in a thick blanket.  Well, that HAD to change.  I've finally purchased the Roland DJ-505 Carry Bag and will now be rolling in…

Grabbing Inspiration!

This is one of the best visual representations that I can offer about how I grasp inspiration within the studio.  I reach out!  Sometimes this happens from within, or physically with my arms trying to grab something from thin air…